Dear Sir,
Just a quick letter to inform you of how awesome your panels are compared to standard FRP I have seen in many facilities. Not only is your product superior but it is interlocking which eliminates seams that can leak. The FRP I have seen in many plants not only warps and buckles if the installer does not glue it to the surface they are applying it against, but it also grows mold and discolors with years of use. Your product being glass smooth will not let anything grab on to it and will not discolor like FRP. Also, I don't need to tell you have much FRP is a pain with all of the seam strips, screw hole caps, etc.


I could write a bunch more about the pros of your product versus the cons of FRP but it would take a few pages to do so.


We will continue as a company to promote your product to our hundreds of Food Processing and Industrial clients. Keep up the good work and Thank you for giving our customers a better choice for their wall applications.



~Mike Klein, President Cascade Floors Inc.


More Testimonials Coming